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New to me: Craftsman 101.27440 lathe.

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Active Member
Active Member
Aug 22, 2017
Just a FYI about the motor for my lathe.

As most of you know, I have been working on the AC motor that was on my lathe when I bought it. Cleaned it up and painted it over the past few days. Asked a bunch of questions about the motor and was worried that it might not work after everything I have done.

While, last night I finally got a very nice AC cord and connected it to the motor. Plugged in the motor and BAM, I'm only kidding, it ran smooth, almost like it was brand new, Ide say it purrs like a kitten!!! So all my worrying about the motor and it not being able to ever run again was for nothing, I'm happy to say!!!

Thank you everyone for all your helpful information.
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