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What is the largest "work" (boring, tapping, facing, etc) you have done on your PM727 or 932?

Discussion in 'PRECISION-MATTHEWS' started by tlmartin84, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. tlmartin84

    tlmartin84 United States Iron Registered Member

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    West Virginia

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    The PM727 manual lists the following capacity:

    Drilling: 1.25"
    End mill: 1"
    Face Mill: 3"

    I couldn't find anything on the 932, other manufacturers of the same machine list it at:

    Drilling: 1.25"
    End mill: 1.25"
    Face Mill: 3.125"

    Matt lists his capacity higher than the other manufacturers for comparable machines. I understand that it is all in how you run and push your machine.

    So having said that, I wanted to know how much some of you have pushed your machines and how they performed?

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