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Underwhelmed By Noga Base?


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Both of my medium sized FAT Nogas hold well on vertical surfaces but I have to be selective about where it goes on painted cast iron. If there is just paint then fine but where there is also a layer of Bondo it does not hold enough.

Storing the bases on a steel surface with the base ON is supposed to preserve the magnets better.


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H-M Supporter-Premium
Oh? I would have thought that Noga at least would be using neodymium magnets. Alnico and ferrite magnets do benefit from a "keeper".

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I have a Noga w/ base and it holds very well and takes some effort to pry it loose when activate. Perhaps you have a defective base?



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My mid sized Noga base holds better than any of my others from across the Pacific. Here's a list of what Noga says their bases are supposed
to do. One N (newton) is about .25 pounds of force. So my M8 base should require about 200 pounds of force to pull it off. That force would
be applied in a direction just opposite of the base, no pulling to side.
. Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 1.42.47 PM.jpg