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Shaper oil


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forgive me if this is answered somewhere else in the forum, but since we have a shaper sub now I figured it wouldn't hurt to get the information here for the next guy anyway...

So, what is everyone using in their shaper for the oil in the sump? how often do you change it? Also any tips on making sure the pump valves are set properly?


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I'm not using it yet, still cleaning up the shaper and then have to work through the motor. With that said I cleaned out some mystery oil from the sump, it looked like used motor oil from a long misused auto. I bought a 5 gallon pail of DTE Heavy from Enco before MSC closed that division down.


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I have been using Mobile DTE Medium in my South Bend 7 it's ISO 46 which is close to the Saybolt 200 recommended viscosity in the manual.