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PM 935 CNC on the cheap

Discussion in 'PRECISION-MATTHEWS' started by LarsP, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. LarsP

    LarsP United States Iron Registered Member

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    I'm upgrading from a Taig 4 axis CNC mill to a PM935. Compared to the 935 the Taig leaves a lot to be desired, but I don't want to leave the CNC behind.

    I'm thinking that I could take the motor and column off the Taig and mount the remaining X and Y axes on the 935 table and have 2 axis CNC and use tool change commands to do Z-axis operations. Now I'd have to use some modest speed/feed/depth of cut values to not overwhelm the stepper motors, but a lot of things that are difficult on a manual mill would be a piece of cake.

    Shimming under the feet of the Taig to tram the table to the 935 would seem to be necessary. Mounting the Taig on a plate would make this a one time operation.

    Has anyone else done this sort of thing? What were the results? Is it worth the effort?


  2. [X]Outlaw

    [X]Outlaw Trinidad and Tobago Active Member Active Member

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    Trinidad and Tobago
    Outside US / Canada

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    I've been running a Taig 4 axis CNC myself for the last 5 years or so. I also recently upgraded to a Knee mill (PM(949TS) and did not want to loose my CNC capability.

    In my opinion the Taig is a very good machine for its intended work envelope. So I just kept my Taig mill setup exactly as it is to run parts with complex geometry.

    Most of the request I get for these types of parts fit perfectly on the Taig, if in the future I get a big demand for CNC parts that cannot fit on the Taig I would look into getting something like a PM-45.

    I would say just keep the Taig running as is. They way I see it is I could setup a part to cut on my Taig and while that's cutting I could be working on a different part on my Knee mill, double the productivity :D


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