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Need Help With Air Impact Wrench


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H-M Supporter-Premium
D A takes me more than 10 seconds just to get to tire level! would be tired after removing the first tire then comes the 10 minute rest bill


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I've spent the last forty years knuckle busting on equipment large and small. I have every size impact from 1/4" to 3/4" and several just in 1/2". My strongest is a big double hammer IGR 1/2" the 3/4" isn't as strong unless you use 1" hose and 150 psi . I also have a HF with 2" extended 1/2" actually my favorite . A little air oil every day and it's been working thirty years . Now I've gone to IGR battery jobs 14.4 volt and 19.2 volt with the lithium batteries . They were extremely expensive but worth it not to hall around hoses and be restricted. Still need the air ones , but my HF gets grabbed unless I need tons of punch the IGR also weighs as much as the 3/4" craftsman . Only bought that one when our Sears Kmart went under . My shop I run the compressor at 125 psi and 100 psi to my limes with filter and oiler . Compressor has auto drain too. I figure my tools cost to DERN much to not protect them. Oh the big IGR sounds like a machine gun if you feather the trigger. Hitler's buzz saw mg .


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I have an ancient CP 720 and it rocks. But having said that my Milwaukee M18
2763-20 walks all over it. And no hose to drag around with you.

Not cheap at $200 plus a battery, but I haven't run across anything it won't break loose. The neighbors son uses his on his semi. Takes it with him, uses it to change tires on his log truck and trailer.


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I'm looking for a good quality air impact wrench. Got a big Rol-Air two stage air compressor I use for sandblasting so I've got plenty of air. I'm not a professional wrench turner but want a good quality air impact wrench for general automotive work that will last. Not interested in cheap imports.
I'm not opposed to buying a quality used one but not sure what to look for. Does anyone have a specific recommendation on a brand & model? Good used ones to look for or buy new?
I have both 3/8 and 1/2 drive Ingersoll Rand
They have never give me any trouble
I bought them both new at Sears & Roebuck
Put a drop or two of air tool oil in the intake
Every time you use it