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Ellis Dividing Head Pdf Files


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Good information on these dividing heads

Ellis Dividing Head

These dividing/indexing heads work quite well in the home shop. I have used mine on both a 7" shaper and a knee mill with a 6x24" table. However, when found, they often have no documentation with them. The information posted here has been collected from a variety of sources.

ellisdh1951.jpg ellisdh1957.jpg ellisdh1963.jpg


ellisdh1957.jpg ellisdh1963.jpg



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Thanks again for the many great uploads. I was just trying to figure out who made this unit.
The only marks i see so far are the words pats pend. The chuck is a union 6" U770.
I think maybe it made by Ellis or maybe Republic Tools.

Unknown Iindex.JPG
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