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Central Machinery 12x37 Up And Running

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Active Member
Active Member
Nov 10, 2015
This is a follow up on my CM 12x37 gap bed gear head lathe I purchased back in January, got it up in running in February and discovered broken teeth on the apron drive worm gear, I posted the progress I had made and my problem with the discontinued broken gear and the great members on here immediately began to help with ideas and suggestions, all are greatly appreciated, Steve Shannon mentioned a Lantaine lathe and I was able to find a vid on youtube of a guy with the same broken gear, I was able to pause the,vid and see his gear was the same 17 tooth brass gear as mine, he replaced it with a gear for a grizzly g9249, I believe grepper had mentioned that model also, the gear was available from grizzly but backordered, I ordered it hoping it would fit and in the meantime did a complete teardown,clean, deburr of the whole machine including the headstock, sealed the apron up, added a drain and a level plug to so I could run oil in it, and just generally smoothing everything up, so I got the gear in a week or so ago (68.00 BTW) and it fits better than the original, runs like a charm, I'm impressed with the machine, I wonder why harbor freight even quit selling them! But again, many thanks to everyone who contributed info, I'd still be scratching my head without it for sure.

Steve Shannon

H-M Supporter-Premium Member
Nov 27, 2015
That's great! My lathe is still apart and you've overhauled yours!

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