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Wood Router Bits - They work on Metal!


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I've used the curved parts of various router bits for rounding over both steel and aluminium.
On my 80mm refractor I used a 1/4" roman ogee bit to produce fancy edges on some of the parts, but, polishing them after did reduce the contours somewhat.


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I cut up carbide saw blades with one tooth .5 in with and use them for a parting tool for steel and aluminum. Work good and cheap maybe 7 per $1 used saw blade from the swapmeet.
Do saw blades need to be annealed before cutting, then retempered? And what do you cut them with? Maybe just use an angle grinder?
Thanks, Greg


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Now I need to make a routerbit tool holder for my lathe. You cause so much pain!
Did you make that worm gear yourself?