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What Is The Process For Becoming A Member At Hobby-machinist.com?

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How people become members on H-M

It is not a difficult process.

1. A person registers with true information, including their introduction - they are placed in the "moderated" group and sent an email with a "confirmation link".

2. They then click the email link that is sent to them - they are placed in the group "pending approval".

3. The registrations are reviewed by a REAL person before they are approved! (If they register with false information, they are given a chance to fix this. If they don't the account is deleted.) They are placed in the group "registered," and can post on the forum.

That is all there is to it!

When people send in support questions about membership, they receive an "autorespond," which addresses the most common questions and problems.

This method has worked extremely well for us thus far. It has cut down on animosity and criticism.

Updated: 3/31/16 NET
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