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What Do You Use To Draw/design Projects?

Discussion in 'DRAWING, LAYOUT & CAD' started by Nels, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. coherent

    coherent United States Active Member Active Member

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    I used to always just use a pencil and paper, but once I became proficient in Autocad years ago, I use it for most 2d parts or cnc plasma projects. Simply because I can do it faster and more accurately. Plus the ability to print out different views to scale helps with some projects especially if you wand to do simple templates to use with a punch for drill hole placement etc. For 3d parts for the CNC mill or 3d Printer, Inventor is the ticket. With it's ability to do the CAM and output your machines g code file (or and STL for the 3D printer) it's hard to beat.
  2. BRIAN

    BRIAN Italy Global Moderator Staff Member H-M Supporter-Premium

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    Outside US / Canada

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    Q Cad the free version is very good , but it is worth upgrading to the professional for the extras.
    I have found this so easy to use. I only use 2D but it will do 3.
    Also the instruction book is in a class of it's own. you can learn cad from the basics up. a fine teaching aid.
    I do not use the output for G code but I understand it is available.
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  3. Shadowdog500

    Shadowdog500 United States Active User Active Member

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    Cape May County
    New Jersey

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    I started using Fusion 360 a few months ago. It is easy to learn and is free for hobbyists. For really simple stuff I still make a hand sketch on the whiteboard next to my lathe and mill and take a photo for later reference. Chris

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