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* Various Shop-Made Tools

Old Iron

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Well I'm still getting the same crap about down loading to fast. Oh well thats life I guess! Also lost the smilies again.



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the file was fine for me it open up
WOW nice post way past me o well maybe ill get to make my 1st lathe tool oneday nice job on all of the tools dang I wish I had the know how to do that

o well
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Re: * Various Shop-Made Tools Page 37

These examples of fine work done in a home shop, gives me great inspiration and ideas to tackle more than thought possible !
I especially like the lathe dividing device .. page 37 scroll down to :
I've never seen a method to divide each degree into minutes like that !
Remarkable, I don't know who the maker (davycrocket) .
If you were so inclined you could also use this concept to make a dividing head / rotary table for your mill too.

Lathe dividing device.JPG
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Nels, your a madman with a lot of mad skills. It is individuals like you that bring out creativity in others. I am usually in too big of a hurry to make that nice of things. I can appreciate your patients.
Thank you for sharing your builds.