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Taig Spindle Question


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How's it going everyone?

I have kind of a dumb question about the Taig spindle- is it possible to use a Sherline spindle so I could have an MT1 taper? Or even one step further- just to swap out the whole headstock for a Sherline one while retaining the rest of the parts from Taig?

Thank you!


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If the new headstock happened to be exactly the same height as the original Taig one and it ended up on exactly the same centre line, it could work. The chances of that happening are pretty slim, IMHO.


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I kinda figured that using the other brand of headstock would be a bad idea, I am just curious about the taper then. I don't know if Taig even makes the spindle in MT1.

Oh well.


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Pfft, not oh well! This is part of the fun. I'm sure with that lathe and some materials you can make it happen.

Machine a brand new headstock! An adapter might also be a possibility, but it probably wouldn't leave you a lot of room.