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Slanting Sherline Lathe....potential Issues?


Former Member
Former Member
I'm considering tilting my Sherline CNC Lathe approximately 30 degrees towards the operator. Obviously I'll have to watch for enough space below the carriage stepper motor so it can't hit anything (such as grabbing my apron with a spinning handwheel). It is already mounted to a 1/2" piece of flat aluminum that acts as a base.

Are there any other considerations I should take into account? I've read a few concerns regarding the ways being pulled on in a direction other than straight down by gravity and wondered if this has any basis in reality.


Global Moderator
Staff member
I don't see a problem. I think the lathe is stiff enough not to have a problem with the angle. The only consideration that I can think of is just to make sure the ways are well supported and not twisted.