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Semester 2 Projects


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Well done.

These will now provide you with the added bonus of using them in all of your future fun projects. Their value and enjoyment will be there for years.


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Turning threads is easier than just turning now lol. OK I won't say that, but you wouldn't believe how fast I can turn accurate and good looking threads after doing that thread bar.
I can, that's the point of the exercise. We all have something that caused us frustration while learning. And once you get it, you learned a whole lot of what doesn't work and why you may not want to do that along the way. There are a hundred ways to do something, and then there are things that will not work. That is just as important a lesson.


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Good job, keep at it.

My Semester 30 job today, drill .188" holes 1/2" deep in the ends of 304 stainless rectangles that are 50 1/2" long.
In a lathe.

Do not even ask why this is being done this way.

3/8" X 1/2" rectangular stock.

These parts have been through a time saver and milled to length with tapped 6-32 cross holes, soft jaws will not mar the finish so I chose them.

Lo and behold the jaws will not close at that size so I put 1/4" aluminum squares between the jaws and part, dropped many 2" long 1/4 X 1/4 pads into the chips. Indicate part on center where the hole was required, this would have been considerably more vexing if the hole was off center.

I use a 2" travel indicator mounted in a holder in the QCTP, indicating takes way longer then the drilling of course.
The long indicator often clears the chuck jaws.

Removed the spindle depth stop rod and stuck the part out the back, not the most elegant solution but if fit through the existing hole.

The point is do whatever it takes to make it work. When you finish school and work in a job shop at first someone will hand you a drawing and say make 6 of these, you will say "but how?" and they will say "I don't care so long as they are finished by tomorrow afternoon."

Above all be creative, regardless of what the It Must Be Done This Way literature tells you just make it happen your own way, a good part is a good part. Speed will come with time as well