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Round wheel handle center hole shape


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I've recently acquired this wheel handle, with a strange center hole, when i first seen it taught someone has made an mistake drilling it, because i've seen only round and square holes but wanted to ask, has anyone come across this style of mounting arrangement to keep it, or is it a mistake and i should drill it bigger to be able to use it in the future.


H-M Supporter - Premium Content
H-M Supporter-Premium
It would be the easiest way to key for a shaft. An end mill could do the job. The mating shaft would have two opposing flats and probably threaded hole in the end of the shaft to retain it.


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That was common the mating shaft is threaded then mill opposing flats and held on with a nylock nut jam nut


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It appears to make an excellent club the way it is. You can get a good firm grip on one side, and it's nice and solid and appears to have a decent mass. Best of all is that it doesn't look like a normal everyday weapon, so you can walk around with it in your hand, ready for action.

Bill W.

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H-M Supporter-Premium
Agree with what 4gsr said. The shaft and handwheel of said gate valve would be made in that configuration to withstand the torque to open and close the valve.
Otherwise, the hand wheel may spin if the shaft was round only. IMO...