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quick and dirty carriage dial holder

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Jan 21, 2014
I needed a holder for my g0602. so this is what I came up with works pretty good. I got a piece of 2 inch flat bar and welded a piece of angle to hold a magnetic dial at an angle so i could see it and it didnt run into anything while in use. to hold it on I countersunk 4 rare earth magnets and epoxied them on. would have liked to sink them flush but that was the only piece of scrap flat bar I had so I made it work for the backstop I just put a piece of aluminum flat on the backside of my stop :) I suppose if you don't have a welder you could bend a piece of flat in the vise for the same effect 20171030_164059.jpg 20171030_164050.jpg 20171030_164028.jpg
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