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Q & D Machine Jack


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While straightening a prop shaft I found myself in need of a Q & D (quick & dirty) machine jack. I know you guys usually make stuff that looks like it came from NASA but maybe some one will have a use for this, it sure worked for me. I welded a 3/8 x 16 threaded rod coupler to a 1/2 inch pipe nipple then threaded in a 4 inch carriage bolt. It's quite strong and you can make it any length you want by adding a pipe coupler and more pipe. Each full revolution is .0625"

DSC_0685 (2).JPG
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Forty years ago I needed some jacks for machining on a open sided hydraulic planer. I found some old center pieces from pulleys two 1" x 4" bolts and nuts , I welded the nuts to the taper end and still have them . The wide base worked great . Good job on the fab up good mechanic finds away to do the job at hand.