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Discussion in 'ABOUT THE HOBBY-MACHINIST, INC.' started by Management, May 21, 2016.

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  1. Management

    Management United States Administrator Staff Member Administrator

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    As the site grows, it is necessary to contemplate a dedicated server for the forum, the downloads, the photo albums, videos, groups, blogs and all of the features that we offer that are above and beyond simple chat that other forums in our space offer. Dedicated servers cost much more money per month than simple web hosting. Donations simply were not keeping up with the costs. Advertising is often annoying and undesirable. Thus, it was necessary to consider another solution.

    The solution was to set in place an annual fee for premium features, such as downloads, photo albums, more space on the server, etc. Thus, we now have an option for users to purchase a premium (donation) account. The fee is only $20 per year, and the benefits are unlimited at the present time. Premium subscribers will also see less ads, 3 or less per page. Those who do not wish to have the premium features may choose not to purchase the premium account, and they will still be able to post on the forums.

    Those who made a donation within the past year will be placed in the premium group.
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  2. Nels

    Nels United States Founder Staff Member H-M Supporter-Premium

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    Eastern Queens, NY
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    Classified ads free...for Premium Subscribers....

    Choose the 0.00% option when you place the ad.
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