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Pm- Vendor Sponsor


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I am very pleased to announce that Quality Machine Tools, the maker of Precision-Matthews machines, has become our first Vendor-Sponsor.

Matt has been a supporter of our site for years.
We thank him for his continued support.


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Thank you Matt and PM.
While I've seen threads referencing the PM line, I haven't taken the initiative to look into the offerings.
I found a tab above.
However, a website would be helpful.


Old Squier

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Excellent! Love my 1340GT and appreciate Matt's support off the equipment he sells. Looking to buy a new mill from him this year.

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If you deal with companies for your hobby needs, and would like to see them sponsor us, provide support and specials to members....


If enough of you ask, they will have to sponsor us....


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I purchased a PM1440TS from Matt, his participation here was a major reason I purchased from them. However, I needed a question answered about the set up on the DRO and emailed on a Saturday evening, it did take him 11 minutes to reply and fix my issue. Thanks Matt.


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I just finished up the details of my new PM1440GT and accessories purchase, my second lathe, from Matt and QMT. They are a great bunch of people. I have never seen people work harder before, during and after the sale.

They go above and beyond.

Thanks Matt


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Thanks Matt, very nice of you and PM . Just wish I could afford a 14-40 with all the goodies dro , taper attachment, 40 position tool post . Let alone mill 949 vari speed, Kurt vise , power feeds . Of course thirty thou ill never see. But I can dream ALOT. Thanks


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Just saw this thread. Matt is great to deal with and if anyone is looking for nice equipment with outstanding customer support, Precision Mathews is the call to make.