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Plastic Gears


H-M Supporter - Premium Content
H-M Supporter-Premium
A little too aggressive with the fly cutter on my G0759. Broke 3 teeth and stripped the inside of the gear. I'm greatful it's plastic. Only a $10 lesson.

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Buy 4...
If you did it once you will do it again..

And at some point part not readily available.

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Yes but maybe not that will fit or for 10 bucks...

Factory part is easy drop in where something else may not have correct center and likely more cost.

But may be better and not plastic.

But the plastic broke....what is next touching part and is it better that this gear broke than something else?

Cheap is one thing but having a safety valve is good too just like a fuse reduces damage from short on a wire the plastic gives way to avoid damage to something else.

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