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No Posts Since This Thread Started...awesome News

David S

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When this thread first appeared I tried to respond to the purpose of this thread...of course it was locked, so I couldn't... duh.

However the good news is that among all of us newbies and old pros, no one has ever experienced any goofs or blunders.

Everyone a hi five.:encourage:



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Ive done that with end mills always annoying, big ones damage the work little ones get damaged by the work , ahhhhh.



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Power up a Bridgie with the drawbar wrench sitting up there- THWACK! Boy that's hard to loosen!
Crash the carriage of a SB 9 into the chuck and hear the busted off toolholder smack the shop wall 20 yards away.
Did both when I was a young dumb whipper snapper, lived to tell the tale. My shop teacher Mr. Riddle would have chewed my rear.
Mark S.


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H-M Supporter-Premium
Certain sounds really catch the shop teachers' ears. My dad commented that he could hear the compound tapping a chuck from 100 yards away. Had enough kids do it, he was like Pavlov's dog hitting the master power switch in the shop.