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New Pm1440gs coming soon to nj


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Very nice machine. It looks like a Grizzly G0709 with a number of improvements like bigger spindle bore, better head stock bearings, guard over the chuck, better light and probably some others I missed. Very good price too at only $250 more than the Grizzly with those additions and Matt's service to boot.

You're gonna like the (Grizzly's term) universal quick change gear box if you go between English and metric threads. No 127/120 gear to fiddle with. I'd guess that any G0709 accessories would work on your 1440GS, like the taper attachment or 5-C lever collet closer. Congrats!



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Next cut on the same metal, fine feed, after it cooled down ( i took very light cuts, so heat should not be a problem). Less than a thousandth. Wish i had a 2" mic right about now ha! Still going to let her sit till next week than try it again.

Next up... tailstock alignment... Y ippie!
Harold hall has a nice book on lathes, really want to go thru that one cover to cover doing all the projects

Thanks for watching



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Hey Bruce!

The machines compare pretty well, 1:1, the pm has a bigger spindle bore 2" over 1 5/8" for grizzly, but now they each have the nsk spindle bearings, cast iron stand, led light, footbrake and coolant pump... manuals, goes to grizzly, I'm not big on reading them I admit, but when things go wrong they are a good source. Pm needs to step up the game here, these forum's are great, and there are many wonderful people here... ok nuff said, I'm not bashing pm here.

I am really starting to warm up to this machine... rigid! Amazing the difference from a steel base machine. The cast iron base is such a huge upgrade!!! Whatever the cost, get one for your lathe... because of the rigidity of the machine and the power of the motor, it can take big cuts into steel, I am using carbide tooling, light cuts are no problem...

I look forward to pushing my skills farther and learning to make better parts with this machine. It is far more capable of doing close precision work than me.