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New member from Michigan


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Hi and thanks for the addition to the forum. I am a self taught woodworker, metalworker, former private pilot single engine land (NOT self taught, lol), rc aircraft buff, current pistols owner. I started with rc as a teen, began woodworking at a young age and carried on with that for many years. In the late 80's I started metal working and really enjoyed that to the point that I stopped most of the wood working. I am self taught with lots of input from my Dad, who was an apprenticeship trained tool and die maker. Eventually I ended up building 3 nice home workshops through the years, and at the last home shop I spent probably 10 % of my time woodworking and 90% metal working. I am now 63 and health issues as well as a need to downsize (move to a different house) I no longer have most of the tools and machines. I really miss my mill (bridgeport series 1 variable speed with power draw bar) and my South Bend heavy 10 lathe. I hope to end up with a lathe and a mill at some point, been looking at some of the Precision Mathews equipment. In the meantime I want to keep in touch with the fun things from the past and contribute what I can. Thanks, Jim.


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Welcome to the forum. I look forward to your input. There are many great machinists and hobbyists here.



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Yes Welcome! Any input is appreciated here so I think you will enjoy it. The PM machines are nice by the way.