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Need drawing of counter-shaft for 101-27430 lathe


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I'd like a drawing for the counter-shaft on my Craftsman 101-27430 lathe. It is a 3/4-inch diameter shaft, about 9 inches long. I'd like to know the locations for the Woodruff keyway and the two flats for the set screws.

The shaft that I am replacing is mangled and hard to measure with accuracy. I searched through WA5CAB's postings in the downloads section but did not see it.



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Unfortunately, we have neither the original factory nor one that some owner has drawn. The part number for the countershaft spindle on all of the early Craftsman 12" models (up through 101.27440) is L3-107. Step one is to call Clausing and ask whether they still have L3-107 available. If they say yes, ask for the price. Either buy one or don't, but don't waste your and her time asking for the drawing. . Personally I would just buy one and be done with it (no, AFAIK I don't own any Clausing stock :)). If you do, also order a pair of L3-109 bushings. These are probably available commercially but considering the time you'll spend and fuel or shipping costs, you aren't going to save any money if you are already ordering the spindle.

If they no longer have any, ask them to email you the drawing as a .TIF (if you can handle those) or a .PDF (if you can't). Don't let them send you a JPG. When you get it, send a copy to wa5cab@cs.com. I'll eventually clean it up and add it to the drawings that we have in DOWNLOADS. But you don't need to wait for me to do that before you can use it.

In the event that they have it but you don't buy it, all that you can do is hope that someone here has theirs apart and will make a drawing of it.