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Must Have Safety Item If You Have A Truck With A Cover


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Mine is not nearly as fancy! I will get pictures if I remember. I know several people who use store bought boat hooks.

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DSC02922.JPG DSC02923.JPG DSC02924.JPG

4 feet long 3/8" dia. Aluminum rod purchased at local hardware store. Bent a hook in one end and threaded the other. Drilled 3/8" hole through 1-1/2" D x 3.5L Aluminum tube. Fed threaded end of rod into the tube, installed one SS nut, fed rod rest of the way through the tube and added second SS nut. Tightened the nuts to act as clamp on the tube wall. Light and works great! I have had this for 9 years.


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I took an old, bad, paint roller handle, and stripped the roller off. Then cut and bent what was left of the roller 'axle shaft' into the shape that I wanted... Take any old broom stick and it just screws right on! I even put it on my extending fiberglass pole for hanging Christmas lights and such from gutters or from higher branches in trees, etc.etc.etc.