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Mini Mill Torsion Arm Screw

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Active Member
Active Member
May 31, 2014
Figured I'd post this here in case anyone else runs into the same problem, and as a heads up to check your machine if you're still using the torsion spring arm like me (haven't gotten around to the air spring upgrade).

I had a thin workpiece clamped directly to the table and couldn't lower the head far enough to do what I needed. It was bottoming out in the torsion spring arm so I had to take it apart to get the extra inch. Once apart I discovered that the big screw was badly worn. See pic. LMS has replacements but they're more $ than I think they're worth so I got this shoulder screw from McMaster for much less.

Anyone still using the torsion spring might want to check the screw for wear -- it could get ugly if that thing lets go.

The shoulder screw is 10 mm Diameter x 12 mm Long Shoulder, M8 x 1.25 mm Thread Size

McMaster PN 92981A300

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