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Metal Shaper Clamping Pallet: Reclaimed Aluminum

Ulma Doctor

Infinitely Curious
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Feb 2, 2013
I reclaimed some aluminum from a casting from a Hobart Meat Saw.
the part is considered consumable by the manufacturer, so i get about 6 or 7 of these castings a year on average
i have used the aluminum for all kinds of beating devices and press plates and spacers.
this time a clamping pallet.
here is the tale...

after planing the surface to a thickness i could easily work with, i parted a clear piece 6.640" long

NLdKM5jPsv6lhKVfmAxmEdBmuLvzbYto27glfEeCi2AceaQUzHCRrMt5b1M30mZ8bI1vSZ_l=w128-h207-p-no.jpg uF8Z5W67gYDP900pH9QL0u3ObuXPVUr8ecpd-dr39o8Ug7L8qU_jfA7TVIoECzdCJZxWdJo0=w116-h207-p-no.jpg
i drilled 21- #7 holes @ 1" centers and managed to miss the OEM holes
& tapped them to 1/4"-20tpi
i snuck in an extra row of holes at the bottom
the clamping pallet will be useful when an item is oddly shaped or otherwise wouldn't clamp well in a vise
thanks for looking!


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