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Mastercam Chamfer Tool


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I'm taking a Mastercam class using the 2017 version.

I have a part I want to chamfer the edges and am using the contour feature. I pick the profile chain and then a 1/2" 45 degree chamfer tool and I get the message


Is there a way to change the tool to "finish" and remove the roughing in the tool parameters? I've looked in Mastercam and searched online and didn't find anything relating to this. I tried changing the tool path type to 2D chamfering in cut parameters but get the same error message.

We are using the student version and it's very buggy. Crashes a lot and I can't even use stock setup, have to go to bounding box in wire frame to set up my stock as a work around.

We are not to this yet in class and with the speed it's going may never get there. I've been working ahead of the class since the first night, otherwise I'll fall asleep waiting for them.


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I don't think it makes any difference. That same function is in CamBam, and according to the docs, some controllers use the finish/roughing parameter to change the way the machine runs on a finishing cut.


Always looking for the next tool score
H-M Supporter-Premium
Unless I can find a way to change it to finish, I can't even use a chamfering tool.

I pick profile, select the chain, and when I pick the tool it comes up with the error message.