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Looking at buying Bamford-chase 12x54 lathe. Any info would help


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IMG_4589.JPG I have an opportunity to purchase as Bamford-Chase 12x54 lathe. I only have the one photo of it. It has a vfd installed and runs on 220 power. The owner doesn't know anything about it and I have not seen it in person as it is a few hours drive away. He said it says Portland Oregon on it. I am wondering if it is toolroom quality and a precision lathe. I am told it is in great shape and shows no signs of wear. I can't find much info on it. He told me it weighs about 4000 lbs. any info or personal experience would be greatly appreciated. Also is $1,000 fair for a machine like this. Also it was made in 1945.


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Try here http://www.lathes.co.uk/bamford-chase/ . I would say 1K is a very fair price for a lathe that size, if in decent condition. Seems to be a rare machine, built for a short period. Which means parts would be hard to come by, but that's true of many machines of that era, and you can make or adapt existing parts to meet your needs. I'd jump on it. Mike


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I have a Bamford Chase, 14 x 36 cone head lathe. Mine is featured on lathes.uk.

The one you are looking at is most likely 16" or 18" Challenger model a gearhead drive machine. These are heavily build lathes. The brochure for this exact machine is at vintagemachinery org. The carriages on these machines are massive. This machine will be able to take big cuts. Everyone I've seen cam with a taper attachment.
I would lift up the tool trays on top of the gear cases and inspect for damage. This one looks better than others I've seen for sale.


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Get it quick , won't last if anybody really wants a good stout machine. Ones like that are always in the best to own and use. Small LATHES means small cuts too. Not with this machine , made to work not play. So to speak. Hope it works out its a dream lathe for me.