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Leveling a lathe

Keith Foor

Active Member
Active Member
Got the Clausing off the skates tonight and leveled it.
Couple things to know about leveling a piece of gear.
First, check the floor first. If it's not level then you may well run out of adjustment before getting things squared up.
Adjustable feet are great as long as they are not the one on the back of the gear and rusted solid.
Heed my warning and pull the stupid things off and clean them up before placing the equipment and putting the bad one in the back so you are laying under the thing on your side to work on it. Fun stuff.

Now to level the mill. Tram the head and remount the vice.
More fun stuff for tomorrow.

Keith Foor

Active Member
Active Member
And it seems that doing a mill is much more difficult and painful.
It seems to have zero deflection in the base (good thing) so when you shim one corner, it moves everything.
That was 4 hours of my life and I still don't have it completely correct.
I guess 1 and a half marks on a 15 minute level is pretty good though.