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Just ordered Sherline rotary table with controller at good price.

Forty Niner

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Sherline has a good deal, monthly special, on their rotary tables. I just ordered the 8700 rotary table with CNC controller

Here it is:
P/N 8700 Programmable CNC Rotary Indexer
Regularly $761.25, Save $152.25, Now only $609.00

Dividing a circle into divisions or degrees is possible with a manual rotary table, but adding a programmable controller and stepper motor makes the job really easy. No more counting handwheel turns and no more math means fewer mistakes. All you do is enter the number of divisions in the DIVISIONS mode (from 1 to 999) or the number of degrees in the DEGREES mode (to 3 decimal places), hit ENTER, and the programmable chip in the keypad does the rest. Each time you hit the NXT (Next) button, it advances exactly the programmed amount. Hit the PRV (Previous) button and it returns to the last position. Continuous rotation can be achieved by entering zero in the DIVISIONS mode. What could be easier?

Included with the 4″ rotary indexer, stepper motor and keypad is a 6′ extension cable for operating the box further from the indexer, a daisy chain cable for interfacing with another 8700 and a 110 VAC power supply.

I am not affiliated with Sherline in any way. Just a customer. I have a Sherline lathe and mill to use for my antique clock repair hobby. The rotary table could also be used with other mills.


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Good luck on your purchase! I just picked up one for basically nothing (pic) but needs the electronics. Working on the electronics as I write. Going to use an Arduino and stuff. In looking over the dividing head. I like the all steel construction. Don’t see a backlash adjustment? Don’t see a table lock? The table has rotational play/slop, don’t yet know how that will work out when using. Any movement in the table rotation is not good. Don’t like the possible math errors when using uneven divisions. Anyway will have fun, it’s hobby time…Dave.
rotary table.jpg


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Table lock is an hex on the side, Have to look at mine to see where, It is just under the connection between the table and the base. if not mistaken. Would take a look but at work now.