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I Wish Some Of You New Guys Were Closer.


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Let me know what you need in the way of end mills for that project, and I'll see if I can help.
I have some end mills. Also have some slitting saws and T-slot cutters from when I used to work. Funny how so many things get into ones toolbbox from work. Kinda like an extra benefit .
Good on you guys @royesses and @wawoodman!

Bill that goes for me too!
If you find you need an particular end mill or cutter, just ask.
Someone here will likely have a spare they would send along......I will absolutely help.



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Thanks guys. I appreciate the help. A friend that I had done some machining for in the past offered to help out with some money for a small mill. So one of the guys is going to see if he can pick up a small mill cheap at an auction he goes to. Hope he finds something. But that won't be for a while yet.
I really do appreciate all the help. Feels a bit funny needing help though as I am usually the one doing the help.


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I just consider helping out a friend as something we do all the time. I've had people help me through tough times and those are my friends for life. It is an honor to help you out even though I'm not contributing much. You help everyone here by sharing your knowledge and experience. So don't feel guilty or ashamed. Just use all your energy to fight off that tumor. We have tough times so that we can identify the good times. The good times are coming.



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Any odds and ends that you need, let it be known and I or someone else is sure to pitch in and help.
Thanks scruffy Also on disability