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I Guess I'm Ready?? SB9C Willing To Trade Locally

Discussion in 'All Florida Machinist' started by Whyemier, Apr 19, 2017 at 3:35 PM.

  1. Whyemier

    Whyemier United States Active User H-M Supporter-Premium

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    Spring Hill

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    Since I got the Grizzly, my shop has been cramped. Its only a 12' (11'-4")x 18' (17'-4") shed and room is at a premium. I guess I could rearrange and modify to make it better, it's always nice to have the second lathe should it be needed but... Anywho I need to down-size, make more room. So if you're interested, let me know what you may have to trade.

    See photos below.
    She's over 70 years old, has some wear in the ways close to the head stock. Doe have a squeak in the motor drive system pulleys. Needs paint, etc. Has the change gears, a 4 jaw, 3 jaw and small face plate, tool holders, live center and drill chuck. Still cuts fairly true. You may want to replace the drive belt. Bench goes with it if you want it.

    Interested let me know, I can add photos for those who want to see something specific.

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