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Horizontal Mill Cutting Question


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Hi Everyone, I'm looking to get into making backsaw style handsaws. This will require me to cut a groove in a brass back to insert a steel blade. The saw plate that will be installed will be around .030 or less thick. I'm looking at possibly purchasing the attached horizontal mill with cullets, cutters, vise, dividing head and extra motor.

I have two questions. The first would this machine be able to cut that fine or close of a cut? Better asked, do they make cutters that are that small and can still make a cut around 3/4 deep and fit in the mill?

Second, at $900 is this a decent price for everything included?

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T Bredehoft

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Nothing attached, TapTalk won't (easily) post pictures. A $900 horizontal mill should be able to do what you want, tools are available to do that, They are called slitting saws. Cullets are usually called collets, with an O. You'll want to be able to clamp the entire length of the backing.

Ulma Doctor

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Hi Nakrech,
your picture didn't come through.
here is the picture...
it can accommodate your work with the addition of a dial indicator


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I think the original backsaw has the brass bent and forged to the blade. But the mill in the picture with a slitting saw should do what your looking to do. Holding the brass may require a fixture with several Allen screws or Bolts on an angle to clamp it in position. Be easy to make.