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Gunsmithing and the Law

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Tony Wells

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Staff member
Jan 22, 2011
Since we are taking on discussions on the subject of working on or building guns, it is only reasonable that one of our concerns is that all of us comply with the current law regarding our activity. However, this is also a disclaimer. Only YOU are ultimately responsible for your own safety and for staying on the right side of the law. The opinions and suggestions advanced here do not necessarily reflect firm compliance with safety standards and legal requirements, and neither the Administrators nor the Moderators can be held liable for any action due to use of information presented on this forum. Use at your own risk.

I would encourage all users to take the time to become familiar with current Federal, State, County and city/township laws regarding firearms. You could start here:


Is is a document from 2005, and it may have been superseded, but does cover our subject.

Edit: Updated link to 2011 version.
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