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Gebruder Weyersberg Micrometer


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Just acquired a 1" micrometer labeled Gebr. Weyersberg, Solingen in what looks like good condition.
I looked up the company name and they were a notable maker of swords in the past, but found nothing
about them as maker of machinist tools. Does anyone know anything about them? Perhaps they sold
micrometers made by someone else under their name for a period of time.

In the pic, above the micrometer is a small micrometer head that's made for measuring inside dimensions
in thousandths. The actual measurement is derived by adding 1" to the reading. No name on that one.

Both tools came from a box of stuff owned by my father-in-law.


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Well it does read out in inches, so it was made for us non metric users, but maybe came from Germany?? (Just going by its name. )


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I looked online for information, but found very little. Weyersberg went through a reorganization in the 1950's, and I believe they sold tools for a period of time.
I found another set of mics from an old eBay listing: the smaller one was identical to mine except it was metric. I can't imagine that they made
their own tools, but suspect that they bought them from established tool companies and branded them. The tool business didn't last long, from what
I could find. A successor company still makes swords: one of their customers is the Marine Corps.

I emailed Long Island Indicator with a picture: they charge $95.00 to clean/lubricate. They also said they wouldn't be able to find parts if it needs them.
There's a local company that provides the same service. He also indicated that he could service it, so I think I'm going to have it done. It seems to
be in good shape: I doubt my father in law used it much since he wasn't a machinist and had no machine tools. Not sure why he had it at all.

The micrometer seems well made, and is very heavy. My 1" Mitutoyo looks like a toy next to
it. If it's from the 50's, which I think it was, it was probably pretty well made. Germany
wasn't known for producing cheap stuff in that era.

Grumpy, you're right. Weyersberg was located in Solingen, Germany. They
made swords since the end of the Guild era. The fact that it's an inch micrometer is
interesting: they must have exported to the US.
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Well, I had the mic cleaned and lubricated by a local company and it came out pretty well. The spindle turns smoothly now, though there is a little
"stiction" that was attributed to the spindle lock, but it seems to be loosening up as I use it. It adjusted up fine, and accuracy is good for a mic
that reads to .001. A nice addition to my toolbox, I think.