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Free Solidworks

Discussion in 'DRAWING, LAYOUT & CAD' started by jmarkwolf, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. jmarkwolf

    jmarkwolf United States Active User Active Member

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    Southeast Michigan

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    There's been quite a lot of talk about 3D CAD software on the forum lately.

    Dassault (the maker of Solidworks) has entered into an educational licensing arrangement with the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association).

    Join and maintain a membership in the EAA for $40 a year, and you get a "perpetual license" of the student version of Solidworks.

    Note: I said maintain a membership with the EAA, because the software apparently still expires yearly, but being an EAA membership you get a new authorization code or something. Not sure exactly how this works because I haven't had mine a year yet.

    And no, you don't have to be a pilot or own a plane.

    I'm taking a Solidworks class right now at the local community college, and the software is kicking my but, after being an AutoCAD user for nearly 30 years. I keep telling myself "It'll get easier, it'll get easier"!
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  2. markso125

    markso125 United States Iron Registered Member

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    Solidworks charges for every seat even to the educational facilities. I currently have 10 seats in my classroom and total yearly my budget accounts anywhere from $500 to $1000 for the educational license and then $25 a seat, I teach at a satellite campus so my cost is dependant on how many seats they have at the main campus.
    Solidworks has some advantages over AutoCAD and AutoCAD has advantages over Solidworks I tend to prefer to use AutoCAD for most things because I am faster using keystrokes instead of clicking boxes and I can usually draw up a 3D object in AutoCAD quicker then my students can draw one up in Solidworks.
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