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Follower rest on Monarch 14C... Need mounting help...

Discussion in 'MONARCH MACHINE TOOL CO.' started by cathead, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. cathead

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    Hello all fellow hobby machinists,

    In considering fabricating up a follower rest for my 14C, I can find no suitable spot to mount one.
    Certainly a 14C would have that capability for such a tool. I guess I am not beyond drilling some
    mounting holes but hesitate to do so if it isn't necessary. There are some 5/8 holes far from where
    one would want to mount a follower rest, very inconvenient. I'm wondering if anyone could take
    a photo of their follower rest mounted on a 14C or similar lathe so I could see how to go about
    attaching one on mine. I havn't needed one in the past but want to try to machine some acme
    threads for a cross feed screw on another lathe. A photo of a Monarch follower rest would do
    just fine as well. Thanks all.

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