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Felt Oil Wipers for PM1340 Lathe - yet another version with drawing

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Active Member
Dec 26, 2015
Like a few others here, and Keith Fenner with his Rutland on YouTube, I decided to change out the factory squegee-type bed-way wipers for versions that had 1/4-inch thick felt. Here's my implementation in summary form. More details can be seen here:


Unlike some of the other approaches to this, I wanted to keep this as simple as possible. So the first decision was to forgo trying to use the existing wiper mounting holes in the carriage, and instead drill and tap new ones that are better positioned for a slightly larger and simplified holder profile. I also decided to make the felt strip profiles as simple as possible also - basically just a rectangle with a notch for the prism profile on the bed ways.

I started with a block of King Starboard plastic (available from Tap Plastics) left over from my chuck saddle project. The material is somewhere between Delrin and UHMW plastic, but it's black, and impervious to solvents. Here is a drawing that shows the progression from plastic block to the set of ten holders for the felt.

PM1340 Felt Oil Wiper Holders for Bed Ways-page-001.jpg

If anyone else wants to implement this, the drawing and dimensions may be useful. A better version of the drawing can be had here for download:


Here are some photos of the progression. First, machining for the prism feature on the bed ways.


Next, I took the block to my sliding table saw (although any cabinet saw would work fine) and proceeded to rip slots in the block, then separate the pieces as shown in the drawing above.



After cutting the individual holders from the strips, drilling for mounting holes, I took each holder to the lathe, marked one mounting hole position with a transfer punch, drilled and tapped that hole, then secured the holder using an M4 screw and marked for the other hole(s) with transfer punch, and drilled and tapped those positions. Finally I cut the felt, trimmed 2mm off the bottom or each holder, and installed them on the lathe. This is how it came out on the carriage (looks similar on the opposite side).


If you look closely, you can see I drilled an oil applicator hole in from the top of each holder to feed oil to the felt from above.


The tailstock was done in a similar manner.


I hope this is helpful to some of you wanting to make this upgrade to your lathe. Thanks for viewing.

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