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Face plates

Discussion in 'THE TRADING POST' started by gonzo, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. gonzo

    gonzo United States Active Member Active Member

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    I have several lathe face plates for trade plus other see below.

    Lathe thread stop 2 3/4" across ways

    Thread protector 2 1/4 - 8

    Face plate:

    1 3/4"- 8thd x 5"

    2 1/4" -8thd x 6.5" plain face could be made for chuck back plate

    1" - 8thd x 5"

    1 5/8" - 11.5thd x 8" four t slots, four reg slots

    2"-8thd x 6.5" one open slot

    2"-10thd x 8" 6 t slots

    I have a SB 9a lathe and a HF mill will trade for stuff I can use of equal value.

    Photos on request.

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