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Experienced Machinists Wanted

Discussion in 'ABOUT THE HOBBY-MACHINIST, INC.' started by Management, Sep 20, 2015.

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  1. Management

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    We can ALWAYS use more EXPERIENCED machinists to guide newcomers. When you help newcomers, you promote the hobby and craft of machining, and preserve the skills for tomorrow. We are a not for profit dedicated just to that purpose.

    When you write an article for a magazine, you make a few bucks for yourself, and you make a lot of money for a profit making company that sells magazines with a few good articles for $10 each, and runs a web site full of hostile people.

    When you post a project to a commercial web site like HMEM, you make money for an investor who will turn around and sell your work to the highest bidder, while slamming this site for eating into their profits.

    When you post to your own site or blog, you get some personal recognition, but not the satisfaction of reaching 13,000 members, teaching, mentoring, answering questions, making friends, and passing the torch via a not for profit corporation dedicated to the express purpose of promoting the hobby of machining.

    Please consider helping us out here. No one makes a dime from your work here, and it will not be sold to investors because we are not for profit.
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