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Dcmt 32 Tool Holders

Discussion in 'CNC CODING FILES' started by Randy803, May 10, 2016.

  1. Randy803

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    Made this and thought I would share.

    Includes a .500 shank tool and a 1 inch tool holder for larger lathes

    ZIP Includes:
    Inventor IPT file
    DWG file
    Mach3 Gcode

    3 Tools used
    Engraver bitl for engraving (use whatever you like)
    1/2 flat endmill for outside profile
    1/8 flat endmill for nose contour and hole drilling

    This holder will work with the following inserts and maybe others...

    Kennametal Inserts DPGT3252HP
    Kennametal Inserts DCMT3251MF
    Kennametal Inserts DPGT32505LF
    Sumitomo DPMT32.52ESU Inserts
    ISCAR DCGT 3-1-AS IC520

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