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CT129 Accuracy Question

Discussion in 'HARBOR FREIGHT, CENTRAL MACHINERY & BUSY BEE' started by CT129guy, Jul 14, 2017.

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    Hi All, I am new to this site. I have a Craftex CT129 with an upgraded R8 spindle. I am very much still learning. I have a question about what others may have been experiencing in terms of table accuracy. I put a 0.01mm accuracy dial indicator on (I have done from the spindle and from the base to rule out some movement) and run the table full Y direction and the table is very good. Much less than 0.01mm deviation over the whole Y travel. When I do the X axis however I see 0.09mm to 0.1mm different from left to right. That is some 3.5-4 thousandths over the maximum travel over the 11 or so inches of travel. I checked the gibs and everything to make sure it was not looseness or something. It is a very consistent and gradual increase from 0.0 mm on the left (bed all the way to the right) to 0.09-0.10mm on the right (bed all the way to the left). I measured the bed to way thickness on each end of the table and the difference is pretty much what I measure with the indicator. So it seems the bed is not ground to all that accurate a tolerance. I suspect i pretty much have to live with it and have been working around it (shimming vice with a bit aluminum foil and shimming parts I put right on bed as required). I was just curious what others are seeing with their small mills. Is this within an expected tolerance or is it way the heck out. Thank you.

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