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Craftsman 6" ?

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H-M Supporter - Premium Member
H-M Supporter-Premium Member
Feb 14, 2016
I'm trying to figure out what this lathe is , the owner gives no description other than 618 - 101 Craftsman . I really don't want to contact the seller because I have no intention of bidding .
I see by the rear riser that (at least the riser) is from a 6" . The thing that has me wondering is the head stock spindle bearing (bushing) mounts , they have a bolt on both sides where as a 6" 101 07301 has a screw on one side and is solid on the other . This would indicate a 9" also look a the compound . What do you guys think ?
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H-M Supporter - Sustaining Member
Dec 25, 2011
Based upon the legs, spindle bearings, belt cover, carriage, and compound slide tool holder, it is a Craftsman 101.07383 made 1940 or later because of the belt cover.r. And based on the rear view photo and some guestimating it is a 12x24. It of course has babbit bearings, thus the two bearing cap bolts.
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