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Discussion in 'QUESTIONS & ANSWERS (Get Help Fast Here!)' started by Management, Mar 21, 2014.

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    Posting an ad in the Classifieds Section will be available to members who have made a donation to the site over the past year. All other ads will be deleted.

    This became necessary because over 90% of those using the Classified section to sell items never made a donation, and have very low post counts. They sold items for several thousand dollars, but never considered making even a $5 donation to the site to help keep us going. When we "had the nerve" to suggest that if they got some use out of this site, they make a donation, it resulted in the receipt of hate emails. The "voluntary" system of depending upon the goodwill of classified users was not working. At the same time, many of you keep donating- it is the same people all the time, and it just isn't fair that some people bear the load, and some use the site to sell items, do very little else, and donate nothing. Hence, if you want to post an ad, you make a donation, otherwise your ad will be taken down. Not too friendly, but necessary.
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