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Can I Post Manuals And Other Materials That May Be Copyrighted?

Discussion in 'ABOUT THE HOBBY-MACHINIST, INC.' started by Management, Jul 17, 2013.

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    Generally, but ask first. Our position is and has always been that Hobby-Machinist.com is nonprofit and educational in nature, and that the "fair use" doctrine of copyright law is applicable to us (http://www.copyright.gov/fls/fl102.html). This site is non-commercial - no one profits from any monies received. We do not charge a fee for membership, sell products or magazines or books, or use the content to publish books or magazines. This site is a "teaching site" - we help people to learn the hobby and trade of machining.

    When in doubt, before posting a manual or such, always contact the company, if they are still around, for permission. Make sure to tell them the site is educational and not for profit. Often, they will give permission and even welcome it. If they refuse, do not post it. Posting it in many cases helps them, because it gives them free publicity to our members. If they don't want that, comply, and don't post it. If it is posted, and a complaint occurs, or a cease and desist letter is received, we will remove it immediately.

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