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Can Anyone Identify This?

Discussion in 'STATIONARY & LIVE STEAM ENGINES' started by MontanaAardvark, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. MontanaAardvark

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    I'm not sure quite where to post this, but this seemed like a place to ask for help.

    All I can tell you for sure is that I picked these castings up at Cabin Fever in '15. I put them on a bookshelf at home and got involved with other projects. I can't seem to find any notes whatsoever, but I kind of recall seeing some little engines like this moving. I just don't recall anything about what they looked like.


    I ran the lathe over the flywheel a bit today, to take off the casting roughness, but it's still not finished. I can't tell if it's brass or bronze.

    For scale, the tall part on the right is about 3-1/4" tall. The flywheel is about 2" diameter. It's all pretty rough.

    I think it's a steam (compressed air) engine, but don't have a clue beyond that.


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