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Best Place To Buy Aloris Stuff?


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CDCO tools does not sell the BXA-71 tool holder. Only Aloris and Dorian sell them.

Make your own.



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Dorian does carry tool holders that take the insert type cutoff blade. Just not the big blade that Aloris has for their 71 series holders.
Exactly. They do not manufacture a 1.25" blade holder for a BXA toolpost, heck not even a 1.00" holder. All that Dorian offers is .75". On a 14" lathe that seems awfully inadequate, especially since there are other out there with much better specs.


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Seems a bit confusing on what blade height you need and what the holder will fit, at least from the different descriptions.
A number of places to try:

If you have an old Enco account and they sometimes have specials, then possibly MSC. They also have business accounts so you do not need to play all these pricing games.

Check with Matt at QMT, he sells Aloris. Ajax is another supplier, they are all within a few dollars of each other.
JTS machinery & supply sells a bunch of Chinese holders for for different blade heights, the holders mount in something like a #1 or #2 holder. I can only find this in their catalogue, the website is pretty bad. I have some oversized holders, so my parting blade is in a 1" Dorian BXA. You can run into some height adjustment issues.


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I have been using a Shars SLTBN-12-6 holder that fits in a standard BXA holder for about 4 years on my old 13" lathe.

Not nearly as compact as the Aloris but it works fine on my PM-1440GT.