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Atlas/Clausing cross slide broken


Registered Member
I just bought a used Atlas Clausing Model: 10100 SN: oo7211 and am in need of a cross slide. I managed to snap it at the tool post trying to use the cut off tool
I need it to develop prototypes for motorcycle accessories.
Thanks in advance for any help getting this replaced.
Buzzy Johnson


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H-M Supporter-Premium

I don't have any 6" parts but the same M6-301 Cross Slide is used on the 10200, both versions of the 10100, 3850, 618, 612, 101.21400 and 101,07301. The only exceptions are that the cross feed screw and nut on 10200 are metric.


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Thank you for the info! I will scout up something and consider it a lesson learned.....
I will probably be needing other parts along the way. The lathe "clatters" quite a bit and I'm sure it will appreciate some attention.